"I love the way this design

"Look forward
to working together again"

Xavrae Burse,


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A company involved in many aspects of the entertainment industry including music, theatre and arts.

They wanted a bold statement that reflected their artistic savvy.


Four different design concepts
were presented.



Each with a diferent emphasis, style and feel.


They couldn't decide between this stage concept,




and this typographical marquee concept.


They decided on the marquee concept, but using the distinct colors of the stage concept.

The text was curved.


The octagon shape and different effects were explored...



ended up going back to the hexagon with a lighter center.



The center was adjusted to be more of a dimensional brilliant diamond.

The color scheme was simplified with the option of the purple background as shown at the top of this page.

            It makes an eyecatching stationery set.    
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